Why we believe Jeff Bezos' charity strategy might change the world

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Last week, Jeff Bezos announced that he is donating $2 billion into two initiatives, including one creating “top-tier Montessori-inspired pre-schools for low-income children”. Bezos, a Montessori alumni, recognizes the value of early education that is “child-lead” and he calls his schools “centers where the child will be the customer”. He reflects on his background and claims that intuitively he believes that Montessori education had a big impact on who he is and his success.

That the richest man alive chooses to invest in Montessori-inspired pre-schools for low-income children tells us the importance that a strategist like Bezos places in the return-on-investment of early childhood education. We, at Educate from the Heart celebrate with joy his choice of charitable investment: not only he will create free-preschool education centers, but he will provide this opportunities to low-income children and he will design them around Montessori methodology, which is EXACTLY our own vision!.

Scientific studies have proven that Montessori educations makes significant difference most specially in low-income communities, when compared to children in the same communities that don’t receive any education or that receive traditional education. Today, less than 10% of all Montessori pre-schools are public and available to low-income children, and if we can all increase the number of opportunities to these children, we will be able to make a radical difference in the future of our world.

Cheers to Mr. Bezos and his efforts to create a better world!. Here at Educate from the Heart, we are working along the same line!